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A fun, simple and refreshing iPhone App word quiz game for two or more players – friends and family. Simply talk for two minutes on the subject given. Cover every angle you can think of: descriptions, associations, facts, phrases, sayings, famous people, fictional characters and myths. Remember, there are no wrong answers.  How many of the eight key words and phrases associated with the subject will you cover? Score points for each one you mention.

Diversity is the key, this is a game where breadth of knowledge and lateral thinking is rewarded – but don’t miss out the obvious answers too! For example, tell me something interesting about … apples. You’ll get a point for saying apples are a fruit, but will you talk about William Tell splitting an apple with his arrow or mention New York as the Big Apple?

So, that’s it the Tell Me Something Interesting iPhone App


You can access this App through the iTunes website just click here>>



For two players or two teams

200 categories to play

Suitable for all the family

Devised in United Kingdom and some answers make reference to UK culture

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by DebbieK1912

I first played “Tell me something interesting” with some lovely friends after dinner. It’s a great mix of answers so everyone can join in. As someone who’s not very good at trivial pursuits it’s perfect for me as I tend to get the more “creative” answers. My husband can be relied upon to get the more intellectual ones!

We’ve played it a number of times since, however, it really came into its own during the school holidays with my niece and nephew (13 & 11 yrs. respectively). It kept us occupied after dinner, on train rides and during the long waits for rides at Chessington. They had a great time playing and as soon as we were sat still for more than 5 minutes requested we play another game. We modified the rules slightly, instead of passing the phone between players, I kept the phone, waited until they’d got the first few answers and then gave them clues to the rest. It tested my knowledge to ensure I came up with credible clues and it allowed them to get a significant amount of answers each time. If they didn’t know the answers it was something we could look up or chat about. This brilliant app has kept us occupied for hours – Thank you!!





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